Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little by little!

We have a goal of adding something new to the house each month.  We knew we couldn't tackle everything all at once and design can be a process.  So, we got the house settled with the basics and are slowly adding to enhance the overall aesthetic and experience.  

When we first embarked on this adventure of owning a vacation rental home, we had no idea about how much time and focus it would take.  The adventure has been real... real hard, but also real fun.  I wish I could say that the decorating and as I say "eye candy" part of the process has been real fun.  It is more like a REAL struggle for us.  Some people just have that "eye" or sense of what works...not us!  We have to work at the fluffing of the house.  We are so proud of ourselves when we have completed each item, but the hunt and decision making process can be a bit painful.  With each addition to the house, we are making progress and enhancing the look.  I hope you like the changes and enjoy watching us move forward.  

Here is one of our newest additions.  There is now room for sleeping 2 people on the porch. It is one of my favorite places in the house! In addition to it being a great place for the kids or adults to sleep, it has an amazing view of the river and is a great place to cuddle up with a good book! Do you see yourself here?

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