Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fly fishing on the Ausable River

I have always wanted to try fly fishing since watching the movie, "A River Runs Through It" in my teen years.  I think it was a combination of watching the fluid motion of the cast, peacefulness of a secluded spot, and my love of water that attracted me to the sport.  A few years back on one of our  many trips to Lake Placid, we received a casting lesson on dry land.  I never got the chance to test my new skills because the guide could only take 3 on the river and I let my boys have the opportunity.  So, fast forward 2 years and on this visit to Lake Placid,  I made sure to schedule a lesson with our favorite guide and get out on the river.

I thought it was going to be a one on one lesson with myself and the guide, but surprisingly both my boys wanted to rise at 5am to get out on the River with me.  Great!  I love some mother/son bonding!  On the day of our excursion, we rose to misty and overcast skies.  We gathered our waders and rods and met our guide down the street where he supplied us with breakfast sandwiches and coffee.  This was definitely needed at this hour of the morning.  We followed him to "the spot" and climbed into our waders and boots and were shortly on the river.   Aaaah!  I just love the sound of the water flowing over the rocks and not another soul to be seen.  

Our guide, Zac, gave us a refresher course and basic instruction and within minutes I was fishing.  I quickly grasped the motion and concept but perfecting the execution will take some work.  The fish were jumping all around me, but I never seemed to put my fly in the right place, at the right time.  One of the boys caught one and the other boy had a few get away.  I will be back that is for sure.  The sport has grabbed me.  Nothing beats the sounds, smells, and sights of nature and water.  Plus, while fishing an osprey, raven, and blue heron flew overhead.  They looked to be having a good day fishing!

Fly fishing on the Ausable River is such an amazing experience!  There are so many interesting options and adventures in Lake Placid and it was so nice to have another great experience.  The numerous adventures and opportunities is what inclined us to purchase a vacation home here and it is what keeps us coming back. Don't you hear the mountains calling?

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