Monday, March 7, 2016

There have been a lot of changes to The Otter House in the last 6 months!  Not one part of the house has gone untouched.  It was really important to us to provide an inviting, luxurious, and comfortable adirondack experience for our guests.  The house was perfect with its great layout, beautiful hardwood floors, waterfront location and proximity to town.  It just needed some pizazz...or decoration...or dolling up!  We painted.  We shopped.  We cleared the land.  We cleaned.  We decorated. And we did it all again.  I will not say that we are done because there are always the little touches or things that we can add...just because we want to.  But the improvements are vast and noticeable.  We have created a little spot of Adirondack Paradise.

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